I love to design and work in teams to create (and improve on) all sorts of awesome and interesting products. From emerging tech to experimental LBE. The things we create are more than just entertainment, they can spark something inside and help cultivate imagination. Entertainment can be a tool for learning and an agent for change in our environment. I truly believe that as designers we can do a great deal of good in this world and have a potential which we are only beginning to realize.

I am a multidisciplinarian, with expertise in game design and experience as a programmer, artist, researcher, and business professional. I have worked with companies like WMS, Electronic Arts, and Shiver Entertainment. Another of my passions is teaching and have taught at the Graduate, College, and k-12 level.

I am optimistic about the future of technology and development. I look forward to all the projects to come, and only hope to go on creating and designing.


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